Event Services

Events are a key part of any developer marketing and activation strategy. WIP has run more than 50 developer events in locations around the world. Let us put this experience to work for you on your next event. From high-level strategic content planning to day-of-event support, we can make your next event a success. Get in touch with us to talk about how we can make your next event a success by supporting you in one of the areas below, or in any other way.


We’ve managed a number of hackathons of varying formats and know what it takes to build and put on a successful one. Whether it’s a casual event that just runs over a few hours or an overnight event fuelled by caffeine and Red Bull, we’ve done it. Let us help you get developers hacking on your platform or with your tool. For example:

  • We put on the Muther! of all Hackathons in Silicon Valley, attracting over 300 developers and resulting in more than 50 apps across several categories
  • We organized a private hackathon for Nokia at its Nokia World event in London, finding 50 top-level developers and building a competition for them to create apps across Windows Phone 7, Qt and Series 40 that were used in the event’s closing ceremony to highlight innovation across these platforms
  • We worked with the major French mobile event, Le Mobile 2.0, to put on a hackathon in Paris designed to bring together big brands looking for apps with developers who could build them

End-to-end planning and execution

A turnkey event management service in which we take your strategic goals and requirements, and manage every aspect of an event from planning through to day-of set-up and moderation. For example, we managed a four-city roadshow of events for the pilot of GSMA’s OneAPI in Canada, creating one-day events in key developer areas to highlight OneAPI and its developer opportunity, attracting a combined audience of over 500 developers.

Providing content within your own event

For more than five years, the WIPJam event brand has offered developers a change of pace from the usual staid, boring developer events by focusing on interaction and creativity through a unique unconference format. We can stage a WIPJam session or partner event within your event to help you engage with developers, explore a certain topic, exhibit thought leadership or get feedback on key topics and aspects of your program. For example, we’ve run WIPJam sessions within developer conferences for companies such as Qualcomm, Verizon and Sprint.


Outsourced event content and management

WIP can also manage events in which you’d prefer to be a supporter or sponsor, rather than run the entire show. For example, as a part of its sponsorship of the Apps World North America event, Verizon received space for a half-day event, and turned to us to put on a WIPJam covering key topics for their program. The event attracted more than 250 developers and highlighted Verizon as a leader in the US mobile developer community.

Event outreach and marketing

Whether it’s marketing your event through our own channels or making use of our extensive network of regional and local groups around the world, we can fill your next developer event with developers that fit your target market. Whether it’s 1100 developers in Barcelona, 300 entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv, 50 hackers in Paris or 400 Silicon Valley developers, we’ll deliver them to your event. For instance, we helped HTC fill their developer event at MWC with more than 300 developers, and helped drive more than 10% of attendees for a major handset component vendor’s annual developer event.

Speaking, moderation and panels

Let us put together a session or talk for you. Whether the audience is coders or C-level execs, we can speak to relevant developer topics, or organize a panel discussion or line up other speakers to make your event a success. For example, WIP team members have spoken at events such as Mobile World Congress, SXSW, Intel AppUp Elements and more; we have organized panels for the VDC Conference, AppNation, IPTV World Forum and many more.

Driving traffic within your event

Is there a specific aspect of your event you want help driving traffic to? Something you don’t want developers to miss, or something you want to create some extra buzz around? We can come up with creative ways to achieve your goals, get butts in seats or get attendees to show up early and stick around late. For example, at the AT&T Developer Conference, we built a series of activities to bring developers in to a Sunday night pre-party, in order to encourage them to register early and alleviate long lines the next morning.