Monthly Report

WIP State of the Developer Ecosystem Monthly Reports

Every month, WIP publishes the State of the Developer Ecosystem report, which captures the most important news and trends for mobile developer programs and features in-depth analysis of marketing and outreach strategy and tactics. This report brings you foresight on trends and developer sentiment 6-12 months before “official” reports are published, helping you stay ahead of the game and deliver tools and services that meet developers’ most pressing and immediate needs.

Each report features:

  • An in-depth article on a key developer marketing topic, such as the cost of developer acquisition, the Payment API competitive landscape, developer segmentation, and more
  • Event summaries from the many events attended by the WIP team each month, capturing the zeitgeist of the developer mindset and local news and trends
  • Coverage of local and regional developer hubs around the world, and the hot developers in them
  • the WIPBuzz section, where we share overheard developer sentiment collected from our travels and contacts.

The WIP monthly report is a must-read for every mobile developer program or resource provider. It will give you information and knowledge to get ahead of the pack of companies fighting for developer mindshare, to better engage and connect with developers and to bring them to your program. You can download and view a sample report, or purchase individual back issues below. For yearly subscriptions, please get in touch with us.

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