What We Do

Our marketing agency services are composed of targeted strategic and tactical activities that will support your efforts to reach mobile developers. Over the years we have modelled the typical structure of a developer marketing organization, in the WIP Developer Marketing Framework. Based on this framework, we have benchmarked and advised developer programs on their set-up and activities.

For success, a developer program requires a high variety of skilled individuals across multiple technologies (testing / approval, development, documentation, SDK and tools creation, evangelists), marketing disciplines (social media, events, community management), and a need for strong ecosystem connections. Our expert marketing and management services (in blue in the framework) were evolved to give you options to accelerate a program roll-out or externalise some of the required activities for cost or personnel reasons.

You can find out more about our specific services and activities under the “What We Do” dropdown above; you can explore some examples of how we’ve helped clients succeed under Our Past Work.