Our Community

The WIP Factory is based on our experience building the WIP developer community, which was built up from zero to over 15,000 members since WIP launched in 2006. In that time, WIP has put on more than 100 events worldwide (both individually and with partners), its team has spoken at 100s more events, and attended 1000s more. All of this shoe leather has helped establish the WIP brand with mobile developers and built a reputation for quality, credibility, intelligence, creativity, fun and democracy worldwide.

Our developer community activities are detailed at our wipconnector.com site, which is full of details on our developer events and includes many resources for developers, including:

We maintain regular contact with our community through our Facebook page and active Twitter feed, @wipjam, as well as through our team’s personal accounts.

We also send a monthly newsletter — with above-average open and clickthrough rates — and a monthly event newsletter summarizing upcoming mobile events around the globe. You can sign up for the newsletters here.