You’ve got developers into your app store, and users buying apps. You’ve set your revenue share for developers, but how do you pay it to them? Plenty of solutions exist — PayPal, paper checks, wire transfers and more — but they incur significant per-payment and maintenance costs. If you’re paying out to developers in countries worldwide, things get even more costly and difficult.

WIP has a better way — our WIPpayments service, powered by Hyperwallet. Simply put, it slashes banking and administrative costs, supports multiple currencies and countries, and gets your developers paid more quickly through the mechanism of their choice.

It’s a simple and straightforward process:

  • Your provide payment instructions via API or file upload
  • Developers are notified they’ve received a payment
  • Developers receive their funds in their chosen currency (50+ countries and 20+ currencies are supported) and via the means of their choice (bank transfer, Western Union, pre-paid cards, or other means)

The WIPpayments platform manages developer bank details; you just provide it with a list of users, and developers enter their account info and preferences themselves. They choose how to receive their funds, and can make currency conversions within the platform themselves. It’s fast too — developer payouts are usually made the same day.

Not only is WIPpayments convenient and better for developers, it’s better for your bottom line, too: loading a developer wallet costs $1, and each developer account has a $1 per month maintenance fee.

WIP and Hyperwallet can get WIPpayments up and running for you very quickly, so get in touch with us to learn more about how to get started.